Sunday, March 23, 2008

Being part of the younger section of the population, it being Sunday night and tomorrow a day off, and just about everyone including me is back to see the family, there is a 99% probability the best friend will be along in approximatively an hour so we can toddle off to find more friends.
Although some of the friends are not in the best of states, one dealing with anorexia and the other with depression, it should be fun.
Happily MC, my lovely lovely depressed friend is taking happy pills and is a lot better.
I'm scared shitless of the things myselves, but that might be because of a stressed-out nature and a tendency to rely on routine if I panic. Although things I've been fine for the last couple of years, ever since i moved out really.
In any case, MC is the crush of a boyfriend-turned-friend, so unfortunately I have been charged of "helping things along". I'd love to; problem is, the BTF is acting like a girl, and MC has to be the shyest being in creation. And probably the most adorable, which gets her out of having to go towards people; they always go to her. Myself included.
Ach well, we shall see.
It's always funny to watch MC's romances play out; it's been one of my favourite occupations for about five years. Better than any movie, although she'd probably have a fit if i put it to her like this.
Or not, being used to my ways.
Well,the best friend is on her way.I'd better scoot.

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