Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Other pointless things to say

The first years have obviously decided that all us chinese students were nutters because when we were waiting for Ms F to turn up for chinese lab, Lola had african/latino music blaring on her phone and was dancing around the corridor, it was sooo funny, and F was singing along to japanese songs on her mp3.
I think I nearly killed myself laughing at their faces.
Other highlights of the day: JJ came around after we had a resounding argument last night, in which he compared me to his guitar and I blew a fuse.
If anyone is interested, I might have to explain this a bit better because JJ is in no way a dick.

He's a musician (this year at least, he graduated from the same course as I'm doing but last year, and in English-Japanese) and yesterday he finally got the seven string guitar he ordered, so he was a happy wee bunny.
I sent a teasing message saying that he'd better not forget me for his guitar, he teasingly answered that there were things I could do better, I asked what, and that's when it all went awry.
Because to annoy me he pretended not to be able to think of one (I know, we're kids but it's fun) and I pretended to sulk, so he asked what he could do to redeem himself, and I suggested giving me more value than to his guitar (does this sentence make sense in English?I'm tired)

That was the point where I blew a fuse.
Because he said he couldn't, he could only give me a different value.
JJ is a bit strange at times. His elder brother OD'd a couple months ago, and he hasn't really faced it yet, and he knows it. So as soon as he got it, he gave his guitar his brother's name, and it immediately took on a different value to him.
He loved his brother.So much. He doesn't talk about him that much, or tries not to maybe, but there's something of the hero worship about their relationship, and a refusal to believe that his brother could have left him.
And the fact that the last time he talked to his brother, it was angry words, saying that he was sick of his nonsense and it was time for him to get clean.

As I'm writing this, I'm so happy I don't have any readers. I'm thinking that if JJ ever saw this he'd know it was him, and I'm wondering if I can really write this. If it isn't somehow...wrong?

But JJ's brother is such a part of him. It's something I always found incredibly touching about him, how connected he was to his brother, even in death.

Back to the story. I got mad, and had to explain how humiliating I found it to be compared to a guitar, however important the guitar might be.
After all, women as objects are shown daily. I definitely didn't need it shoved into my face anymore than it was.

Well, he apologised, and said it had come out badly, and that of course I was more important than a guitar, which wasn't exactly what I was looking for. So he apologised again.
I think he didn't quite get where the anger came from. He's not used to that side of me.
Well, now he knows, and since he didn't run away screaming feminist, I think things will be fine. I know he didn't mean it. But he doesn't quite get the privilege ey, although I've been pointing out to him pretty regularly^^
Poor guy, he doesn't know what he's let himself in for.

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