Saturday, May 10, 2008

okay, I don't post often. But then, I don't actually have any readers, so does it matter? I'd say not.

But whatever.

So, halfway through a five-day long weekend (you've got to love may when the 1st falls on a thursday-last weekend was four days long, this one is five because it's Pentecost or somesuch Christian fest few people of my generation actually care about except for the free time it generously offers us), enjoying the warm weather that comes from living down South- and realising that i have exams at irregular intervals starting next saturday and ending on June 6th.

Ooohh yeah, I am in deep trouble. Right now I'm suppose to prepare a global analysis of China's geopolitics, learn it, and spit it back out for the exam. Like last year, althoug I can't remember last year's subject.
it's HELL.
I am considering running away to some tropical island and living on the beach there. Fishing or something. Alhough I'd have to remember to take a fishing rod.

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ChunZhu said...

I'm a reader, though I don't drop by every day.

And fishing is fun in China, though I don't think they're edible..