Saturday, May 10, 2008

On an entirely different note, I picked up my visa for China on Friday.
Nothing will stop me now!
And I've been out of touch with the virtual world for two weeks which might help.

I just have to get through my exams first, and not meltdown, oh and finish the projet tutoré shitshitshit I'd forgotten. Shudup girl, you're talking to yourself (oh yeah, and don't make me believe it never happens to the rest of you)

New precisions on Ms L's CV in life ; she got sent to China by the French government in

Nineteen sixty fucking four. I mean, Jaysus. That's the year France actually recognished the PRC. She must've been among the first french people, perhaps even the first european people, to go there and learn chinese.
When I was saying she was crazy!
And she comes out with this like it's perfectly normal. And she gets all excited over the electronic dictionary her son brought her from China.
And that's who we've been learning chinese from (mostly) for the last two years.
(Now I get why our Uni's Chinese department is so well-rated in France)

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