Saturday, June 7, 2008

well, I'm finally on holidays, exams are over and all that. Most happy.
Now of course I have to sort out a few minor details like getting a ticket for the train back from Paris when i come back from China-i'm leaving in less than two weeks! absolutely terrified, but terribly excited.
Am seriously considering going to China the year after i get my degree (which is next year, if all goes well) as a teacher, and taking chinese classes at the same time; my latest aim was to perfect my chinese up to the point where I could come back here and swan my way through one of the translation schools. I'm already bilingual; i just need to get a third language perfect, and I chose a hard one.
Believe me, six months in Italy would've made me trilingual-five years of it made me excellent between twelve and seventeen, but I gave it up at university.
Sometimes I wonder why I chose chinese, except for the reason that i decided i wanted to learn chinese when i was about eleven. But although it's terribly complicated, I enjoy it, so I'm going to have to knuckle down to it a lot more seriously. A month in China should be a good start.

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