Wednesday, August 27, 2008


...make me sick.
It could be my rampant cynicism, but seriously, people are idiots.
Just visited the blog of a girl I knew in high school, and i came close to throwing up in my mouth. It was nauseating, full of mistakes and twee abbreviations and grandiloquent phrases exalting the beauty of love and how much she loves the people around her and how life is beautiful even though it's SO hard (well when you have her IQ, it has to be hard).
Man, grow out of it already.
And there are so many blogs just like it. Kids who just haven't got over high school and still express themselves as if they were still sixteen.
And I can't stand mistakes, be they grammar or spelling. And I mean the common mistakes, ones you can easily avoid, because French is so fucking complicated it's normal to make mistakes from time to time.
I mean seriously, there seems to be a whole generation of small-minded idiots out there. It's terribly depressing, and brings back (violently) the fact that intelligent conversation is scarce. Luckily Peter was there this weekend, and Hairyboy wasn't, cause goddammit is that guy a fool-he's extremely well read and very insightful, as long as it concerns art. Take him over to Politics, economics, or that kind of stuff and he has the intellect of an amoeba, with a certain tendency to contradict himself, plus BHL's ego and sense of righteousness.
Fucking unbearable.

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