Wednesday, August 20, 2008

sickening feelings

I've been on Superfrenchie's blog.
It's bad for me. I find it so terribly depressing.
I try to ignore most of the french bashing, when I encounter it.
The thing is, in the real world, noone actually believes I'm British until I start speaking. I can pass off as pure French, if I so choose. After all, I speak french with a provençal accent; i have the colouring of Southern France-ie, dark hair, dark eyes, a tan. My education is French; my tastes are probably French; but at the end of the day, I'm not. I don't have French nationality; and that's what it's all about.
But looking French, going on holiday with my french mates, speaking french like a native-this has exposed me to, let's say, different takes on the French.
I've had to deal with hecklers three times out of the four I've been to Scotland. Usually kids our age insulting us, when it wasn't actually threats.
We also got the "oh, the French are so cute", and countless "voulezvous coucher avec moi".
So I guess it's not all negative.
But I'm anglo-american. And three quarters of my life have been spent in France. Which, as i have complained many times before, leaves me in an eternal mix.
I have all but given up american nationality. It's not something I care much about, and my passport expired two years ago. And America makes me ashamed. I guess I'm slightly idealistic.

And French bashing makes me miserable. Part of it is because the ones doing the bashing tend to come from the same places I do-the Uk and the US. Why do we never hear about the Italians kicking our butt?Or the Germans? Or the Swedes? Or the Irish? Or the Japanese?
The other part is because, well, this is where I live. I love it. I'll admit it has many faults, but also so many qualities. And I hate feeling picked on. I've always hated bullies, and this is always what it feels like.
I can't hope for people to like France, or the French. But maybe they could try giving up on a few of the old stereotypes, or maybe cleaning their own backyard up before criticizing ours.

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