Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Six days later

Well, I'm just back from four days in Massilia, which is where the boyfriend lives, and it was a hell of a mess. And great fun. And I wasn't very good.
So. It's a mess because the boyfriend lives (but not for much longer) in a great big flat with Pedro, Nana, and Nath, and that place is always fun cause there's always zillions of people around.
Thing is, Nath's been gone for about three months, Pedro's off to Lyons, and the boyfriend and Nana are looking for a new flat/house to share with three other Beaux-Arts friends (i shall call them the Sex maniac-don't be put off by the moniker, he's great fun- Hairyboy, and Luna the loon-no, i don't like her) so the flat is insane, full of boxes and that kind of stuff.
Especially as Pedro's elder sister, Marion, is taking over the flat and is looking for two new roommates at the moment, plus the fact that a Hungarian dancer, Peter, Marion's exboyfriend, was also staying there before he leaves for Madrid on Thursday.
Yes, this is complicated.

Well anyway, when i first turned up, thank god Pedro was there because the Boyfriend wasn't. So I sat down with Pedro and Peter, smoked a joint, the usual, until the Boyfriend and more people turned up.
Cast characters included Lulu, Pedro's girlfriend, Andreas and Conrad, two German dudes, and Anton, a Belarussian dancer.(yeah, lots of dancers in this story-looovelyyy :D)
A real Auberge Espagnole.
Which happens to be an atmosphere I love. It was great speaking English again for once, with Peter, cause his English is even better than his French (I really like and am really jealous of Peter-he's 29,looks 24, speaks English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, German, and Dutch, has lived in each of this countries and in god knows how many others, including Denmark and the US, and has worked all over the world for various dance companies.) and for once I could talk about all my foreigner obsessions, which is a thing I can never do because no-one shares them.

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