Saturday, August 30, 2008


Lots to say.
I've been reading this blog by a self-proclaimed fat girl (or woman, should i say), The rotund which is terribly interesting. I just found out about the existence of the "fatosphere" and the Fat acceptance movement and all that.
Now, it's not my place to comment on these things cause I have no idea of what it's like to be truly fat. I was pretty fat from about elevn to fourteen, but that came off as i aged, thank god.
Now I come in at 58 kilos, and that's three kilos over my normal weight since I've been back at my parents and not walking six kilometres every day as I do when I live with my roommate in our flat.
I get on with myself pretty well. I've never been on a real diet, and I don't actually know how to calorie count, and food is good so I want to enjoy it. But I'm lucky as I like healthy food, although I'm sure most of the stuff I eat would have the carb control brigade out in arms. Nutters.
But it is so true that women's body is like public property.
I hate being catcalled, and I've been getting ever more aggressive when it happens, which isn't the best of options, so I'm going to have to take it easy.
But i feel so sorry for all public women, be they actresses or politicians or whatever whose weight and appearance is always scrutinised. I mean, in a campaign, you rarely hear about a male candidate's dress choice, do you? But when it's a woman, she has to be careful to look serious without being too matronly, blablabla. Fucking double standards.
And I live in a country of appearances. Fat in France is a no-go. Like, in my chinese class, there's about forty-five girls, and there're only TWO that can be considered fat. And one of those is only remotely chubby.
When I go to the UK, I feel positively skinny.

On a slightly different topic, what is it about being a girl that menaces men, seriously? I read UK papers on line most days-the independent, the guardian, the daily mail- and i've been stumped by the number of articles declaring that we should go back to the fifties, and women should stay at home.
My first reaction was, you have got to be shitting me. Seriously. How can anyone be insane enough to want to stay at hom, cook, clean, bring up the kids and have no life whatsoever?
I'd die of boredom after a week.
There is no way I'm even going to consider being a stay at home wife.
A) I don't actually want to get married.
B)I don't want kids (well, not at the moment, let's be fair)
C) I hate domestic chores
D)I have a very low boredom threshold
E)There is no way in hell I am going to be "maintained" by some guy, however much I might love him. I mean seriously, how demeaning is that? i want my own money, my own life and maybe I'll let a guy in but it'll be on equal terms. No cleaning for me, nuh-uh.

I've always been told I could do anything I want by my parents. And living in the country has left me with enough DIY skills to sort myself out, largely as much as most of the guys I know( except but the boyfriend, but then he spends his time tinkering with machines and sculpting wood and creating stuff for dance shows and all that). SO why on earth would I want to lean on someone else to sort myself out?
It's bloody humiliating, there's my opinion.

What IS it that still allows people to think that women need taking care of all the time? As if we were retards.
I know what makes people want to take care of me. It's my looks. I have, I am told, a very dollish face-which got me out of no end of trouble when I was a teen, mainly because teachers couldn't believe I was any mischief-I'm not very tall, and I'm younger than all my friends cause I skipped a year in school. SO that explains why people tend to get a rud awakening when they get to know me. Tis very funny.

I'd better shut up. AM very busy trying to convince Belle Etoile that no dude is out of her league. Jeez.

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