Monday, July 14, 2008

I hate

all these female french singers who pass as "alternative" and "rebellious" and "non-conformist" when all they do is moan in a microphone about how life is hard.

Johnny Hallyday.

American journalists who take him as a prime example of French culture when anyone under fifty hates him. And a lot of people over fifty, come to that.

French maintream music. It's some of the worst in the known universe, because all that is shown on the french MTV is rnb and rap copied from the US-but in French, which is pretty bad. Or old singers on the prowl, such as Patrick Bruel, Patrick Fiori, Jean-Jacques Goldman and sooooo many others, Celine Dion in the lot, could someone silence her please.

Being told that all French music sucks by people who only watch M6.

Reality TV (although I admit it, I watched Nouvelle Star last year for Julien Doré, and this year for Benjamin. And when at Agathe's we can have MTV afternoons just to empty our heads-nothing better for it than those freaky shows such as Parental Control-I STILL haven't understood how anyone could actually participate in those, I'm sure they pay them)

Jean-Pierre Pernaut

French sitcoms.

On the other hand, I indiscriminately love a whole set of French entertainment: The Guignols de l'info, Omar et Fred, le Groland, les Inconnus, les Nuls, le Grand Journal, la Minute Blonde (shame that stopped)
Matmatah, Rita Mitsouko,Hocus Pocus,BB Brunes, Billy Ze Kick, Birdy Nam Nam, daft Punk, Sebastien Tellier,Justice, Java, Massilia Sound System,La Rue Ketanou, M and Lousie Attaque and Noir Désir are just some of the French musicians I really like

I've often been that French movies are always the same: X loves Y who loves Z who loves X and everyone ends up in bed and people think far too much. I have to admit, that is often true. But there are so many great French movies, it's a shame anglophones tend to write them off like this.

L'auberge Espagnole-Les Poupées Russes-Le Péril Jeune-Gadjo Dilo-Delicatessen-Un long dimanche de fiançailles-Persepolis-Les Triplettes de Belleville-La Môme-Jean de Florette-Manon des Sources-Le Placard-Le Bossu-Darling-Molière-Une Vieille Maitresse-Le Scaphandre et le Papillon-Les Chansons d'Amour-C.R.A.Z.Y.(french canadian but brilliant)-Prête-moi ta main-Ne le Dis à Personne-Le Couperet-Les Choristes-Amélie Poulain-36 QUai des Orfèvres-Les invasions Barbares-La Reine Margot-Le Mépris-Et Dieu créa la femme-Se souvenir des belles choses-L'homme de sa vie-Monsieur Batgnole-Etre et Avoir-Astérix et Obélix Mission Cléopatre-Le Chocolat(not actually a french movie, but made in France with Juliette Binoche)-Un crime au paradis-Les Jolies Choses-Meilleur espoir Féminin.....

I think that's enough.
I won't bother talking about books, because I read mainly in English (there's an English bookshop approximately thirty seconds from my flat) but I did a lot of French classics in school and read in French when I like the author, like Virginie Despentes or Bernard Werber or when I borrow a book ^^
But the covers are never inspiring. It's terrible.


cuteboysmakemenervous said...

dude! les chansons d'amour was so bad! except for the babeness of louis garelle

Froufrou said...

he is lovely. But I still enjoyed it!