Saturday, July 19, 2008

Note to self's only when I start moaning that i get what I want :D
yes, my university results came today, two weeks after most students' (not sure of the punctuation there) and all is good, just another year to survive.

On another note, I have been finding out a few things about one of my US cousin who is coming to spend a month here in August. These things worry me.
To put things into context, my Dad is swedish-american, and his parents lived in Paris all his life, well until he was eighteen and went off to university in the States, on which occasion my grandmother(who is the swedish half) applied for divorce and moved down to the sunny south of France, where I am currently located.
Anyway. I can't quite remember when my dad moved back to France, but it was quite a few years later, and then he went to England sometime during the eighties, met my mother, end of story. Until they moved to France in the nineties with my brother and I in tow.
I've only ever been to the US once, when I was fifteen, and met part of the family there (my Dad had eight uncles and aunts.large family).
Well, I was fifteen.
I hated it.
I'm not that comfortable with big family gatherings, because it's not something that's been part of my life, living overseas from just about all the relatives.
Even so, I was bored. The cousins nearest to me in age, between 18 and 25, well they just didn't have much conversation, to be honest. I went with one of them to see a documentary and she came out of the cinema wondering what the hell it was about.
I've always been fairly easily bored, but the two weeks I spent there were mind-numbing. I was sick of the food, of the TV, of the gigantism of everything.
I might be American by blood, but I'm sure not part of that culture.
Although I'd give it another shot. But somewhere alive. I'd love to see San Francisco one day.
But anyway. I digress.
So. My cousin is six months older than I am. Fair enough. Saw a picture of her earlier-she looks between 5 and 10 years older than I do. Dad said "oh, it's the make-up". Um.
And she's getting married. Apparently her fiancé proposed a few days ago.
Looking forward to the conversation.
I'm taking bets with myself on her being religious, which is going to be extremely uncomfortable in a house of atheists. I'm not even baptized, neither is my brother. I don't even have any religious friends. The closest I have to that is my flatmate's boyfriend, and we've never talked about it.
hm. Starting to have doubts about this plan.

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