Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The three Swedes left today.
Now, I very much enjoyed having them here, and Marcus is very cute and very nice, so that's even more enjoyable, but really, BOYS!
Stick a group of them in a strange house with one girl their age and a teenage boy....girl ends up having to babysit EVERYONE.
So as much as I liked having them around, I'm glad my housekeeping duties are over. Especially as my parents came back today, turning up at the same time as my best friend, which made for a bit of a mess in the yard.
And on Thursday, the American cousin is arriving. I think I might run away. I mean, I've been a tour guide before, but that has always been by choice, and not because I felt like I had to. And it's always been in groups with plenty of guys-the last time that happened, I helped out some friends of my mother's who had a Scottish rugby team coming over and no-one to take care of them. So I did. And it was great fun. But I tend to get on well with big groups of guys. Mainly because when the ribbing gets really too much, I'll have a good rant, and forget about it ten minutes later.
Ah, the Scots. Great ones for drinking, they were. I hadn't seen anyone drink that much since Id been to the Czech Republic.

["Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired." J.R.]

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