Sunday, July 13, 2008


i totally forgot to link the post last night, and i'll never find that post again. ALthough I remember its name (Cultural Schizophrenia, fyi)

My wee brother was going on about accents earlier on, and rather miffed on being told his accent was unplaceable. Like someone who has been brought up abroad.
While mine is an unplaceable mixture that doesn't scream out "I've spent most of my life in France, motherfuckers!"
No-one could guess that from my speech, thank god. French accents in English are atrocious.
But a Frenchman could probably tell from my French that I live down South. Slight accent, slightly more singsong. Nicer than that awful northern Ch'ti "hein" or the german-sounding alsacians. But not caricatural-my mother would strangle me. I can still remember flying off to the States to see the family,years ago, when she warned me not to come back with a US accent. Would've been funny though.
Guess it's thanks to her I still sound English.

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